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Di-Cypher - Negotiation Services

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Negotiation services

  • In Mediations (Workers Comp. etc.)
  • Contract Evaluation
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Politicians in International Conflict Negotiations
  • MMA Fighters & Boxing Contract Negotiations
  • Car Sales Negotiations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Negotiations
  • Real Estate Negotiations

Negotiating Services: There is a lot that goes into a successful a negotiation. Many times a "good deal" hinges on preparation alone.  And even if you’re prepared you still have to execute. At Di-Cypher our experts will help you succeed in your next negotiation by providing you with all of the information you need.  You’re in control of our involvement.  

For fighters that don’t have managers, Di-Cypher can help you score that big payday. The great thing is that we are not going to take a percentage of your purse. We are hourly. And after you sign that big payday our experts will review your contract and make sure you’re happy.