At D&A, we offer our clients innovative yet practical solutions to tackle the most complex issues facing their brand. Amazing advice, good negotiating practices, and peak performance optimization impact almost every facet of daily life and business life- management, sales, marketing, development, finance, procurement, manufacturing, legal, logistics, service, administration, engineering, dispute resolution, etc. For athletes, we help them develop their brand. It's athletic consulting! 


If you're interested in having D&A help you with Athletic Brand Development, Contracts, Personal Relations, Management and all forms of Athletic & Talent Consulting, give us a little more information about what you're looking for and we'll have someone in our offices follow up with you shortly. 

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Athletic Representation & Brand Development

D&A works with many athletes on a "brand" bases. We help athletes build and maximize their brand through our consulting services. 

MMA Representation

D&A provides a new level of sports representation in professional sports. We are raising the bar and changing the game in order to truly take care of athletes. 

Professional Fishing Management

D&A works to build strategic alliances and partnerships between fisherman and the many brands that market to the millions of fans that make up the professional fishing fan base.