Di-Cypher Life

Daniel A. Martinez uses ten personal experiences, lessons learned from his own life, to explain how any person can learn to navigate and Di-Cypher Life by adapting to adversity and striving for their own optimum potential.




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Di-Cypher Life is a series of ten short chapters, each explaining how to adapt and overcome a common life obstacle. Both authored and narrated by Daniel A. Martinez, this E-talk on CD is meant to be an informal and abridged version, an audio supplement and companion, to his upcoming book. Daniel began life in New Orleans as an 8th-grade drop out mixed up in gang violence and drugs. He persevered by joining the military and continuing his education through law school to become a consultant and advisor to others. He and his wife founded Di-Cypher, a lifestyle firm designed to assist anyone by obtaining resources individual to the client’s needs so that they might reach their goals and optimize their own potential. Di-Cypher does not claim to have all the answers, but is rather a network and collaboration of minds that help provide tools, referrals and consultation to clients so that individuals can take more control over life and pave their own way to whatever success awaits. If you like this even a little bit, you will love what comes next! Check us out by searching Di-Cypher on the web.