Now entering our 2016 5th Annual "Highlight Kid" Wrestling Camp, Bubba Jenkins' training camps have coached more than 5,000 wrestlers. Teaching philosophy in these programs focuses on development of technical skills, building mental fortitude and stamina, honing life skills and reminding wrestlers that having fun has not been lost in this great American sport.

Bubba's goal for these wrestlers is to position them in the best possible frame of mind and body, to become champions, challenging them to overcome physical fatigue and the mental and emotional stress of every day life. These lessons have an immediate and long-term impact on athletes, inside and outside the gym, paving a path to success on the mat, in the classroom, and in life.

Since 2011, members of The Bubba J Squad (campers) have placed at state level or even become state champions. Countless have surpassed their goals of making it to states, advancing to regionals, or simply improving on their record from the year before. 


Bubba's two (2) day camps have been known to leave a lasting impression on many youths in the wrestling world. Listed below are just some of elements Bubba brings to the table. Book Bubba TODAY!

 Ph: 1-888-731-2622