A Global Leader in Consulting, Sports, eSports, Athletic Development, Politics, Media, Entertainment, and Restaurant Optimization.

D&A represents and manages some of the world’s greatest athletes, sports figures, politicians and talent.

D&A Overall

We specialize in Consulting, Negotiations, Advising, Dispute Resolution, Athletic Representation, Sports Management, Self Management, Talent Representation, eSports Consulting, Sponsorship Acquisition & all forms of Personal Consulting (Life, Mental, Leadership, & Peak Performance Coaching).

Di-Cypher helps you maximize your full potential, optimize your life, and help you "Di-Cypher" any issue.

D&A For Business

If you're a business in need of Management Consulting in order to help maximize profit- we are the firm for you!

D&A For Politicians

We help you Di-Cypher the win no matter what party you belong to. We are not ideologues. We base our research on numbers, markets, and people. We have the formula for every political figure. From debate prep to strategy- we do it all.

D&A For Athletes

For athletes we bring innovative yet practical solutions to tackle the most complex issues facing your brand.

For athletic consulting we provide advice on marketing, PR, finance, and dispute resolution, etc.

In full time management we provide everything from consulting to providing amazing advice, expert negotiators, and peak performance optimization.


No matter what we help develop your brand.

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