Di-Cypher PLLC.

Director of Sports Marketing, Public Relations, Talent & Business Consulting

2012- Present

Di-Cypher & Associates is a full service consulting, coaching, marketing and management firm designed to optimize any brand- Athletes, Young Athletes, Celebrities, E-Sport, Politicians, Businesses and Individuals.

       Helped market & foster some of the biggest personalities in sports  today

       Negotiated deals on behalf of clients in the NFL, NBA, Movie Deals, UFC, Boxing and  Bellator.

       Worked as a consultant for mergers and acquisitions throughout  sports

       Worked as a consultant for athletes and movie stars in dispute resolution and brand marketing

       Worked to develop an outsource human resource department in order to help businesses with employee relations, investigations, and to help consult in matters pertaining to current employment laws.

       Inducted into the martial arts hall of fame as being the sports agent of the year in  2016.

       Represented businesses & athletes in negotiating sponsorship & partnerships- Nike, Gatorade, and  More.

       Helped in the production and development of actors, eSports, YouTube personalities and shows.


The University of Tennessee College of Law

Juris Doctor


Radford University

Summa Cum Laude