Professional Fishing Management

Di-Cypher works to build strategic alliances and partnerships between fisherman and the many brands that market to the millions of fans that make up the professional fishing fan base. Our all hand approach allows the facilitation of these relationships to flourish. Additionally, we provide services that no other agency or management group can provide. 


Contract Negotiation 


Di-Cypher provides an extensive expertise in fisherman/sponsor negotiations. We will work endlessly to ensure that our client’s contracts reflects their ability and value as it pertains to any company. Being a industry leader in Sports Management, Di-Cypher uses existing relationships with over 100 companies seeking to sponsor fishing professional all over the globe.



Lifestyle Management


Di-Cypher works tirelessly to help provide quality lifestyle services specifically based on each individual fisherman requirements; including:

  • 1on 1 Mental Coaching
  • Life Coaching 
  • Long Term Career Services 
  • Image Consulting



Sports Marketing


Di-Cypher provides a exclusive marketing plan for each client. Our team of marketing professionals analyze everything a fisherman needs to maximize their income. We aggressively pursue marketing opportunities for each clients through:

  • Sponsorship Procurement
  • Manage Relationships At The Highest Levels To Maximize Partnership Marketing.
  • Public Relations
  • Brand Building and Management
  • Develop Brand Positioning Analysis
  • Marketing Platform Development
  • Local, National and International media campaigns
  • Seminar and Speaking Appearances
  • Prospecting of Strategic Targets
  • Trade Show Ambassadorship



Fisherman Managing Themselves


And for fisherman that mange or represent themselves: Di-Cypher teaming up with Legends of the Cage is your answer. We have all of the services you need to help you succeed in your own representation.  For those fisherman we provide individualize services in:

  • Contract Review
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Social Media
  • Website Building and Consulting
  • Public Relations Advice
  • Speaking Engagements 
  • Business Development