How is it that some wrestlers, even in the face of adversity find a way not only to succeed in wresting, but to be fulfilled in life outside the sport? In a sport that's constantly evolving so rapidly, young athletes and wrestlers must measure and balance their time, emotions, physicality, their relationships and their overall lifestyle in a way that challenges their stamina, organization, and sheer will. Working harder alone is not always the answer, nor will it always yield the desired results. Bubba's camps help wrestlers to unlock unique potential, helping them to massively accelerate their performance by identifying and exploiting strengths and weaknesses of each individual member of the J Squad. Bubba also takes pride in encouraging a culture of acceptance, embracing diversity, encouraging traditional values and reinforcing strength of character. Many times in the wrestling area of sports this aspect is negligibly overlooked. When you become a part of the Bubba J-Squad you learn what is needed to succeed inside and outside the gym. Every member has to find a way to master their inner world as well as their external environment. The Bubba Jenkins J-Squad Wrestling camps provide lessons and instruction to give you that winning edge. It is Bubba's intention to help solidify a foundation that will lead anyone down the road to make good decisions. 

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