The J-Squad Camp features 2X All-American and 2011 National Champion Bubba Jenkins as he shares unique strategies with coaches and campers, techniques that will help them improve as individuals and as a team. In addition to those amazing accolades, Bubba is also a 2008 Junior World Campion along with being a 2 times finalist so he knows what it takes to win at every level of the game.

Bubba J-Squad Wrestling Camps emphasize technical skill development and individualized strategies catered to each wrestler's style, strengths and weaknesses, everything from basic fundamentals—stance, positioning, takedowns, and escapes—to advanced technique and strategy, including set-ups, finishes, drilling and... THE SUPER DUCK. Bubba relies on teaching and making wrestling fun while maintaining a disciplined and focused mindset, the trademark of all Bubba J-Squad Camps. 

Ideal for ALL ages

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