“Set goals.”  “Write your goals down.”  We’ve all heard it many times. So, lets dive in.

Many times a craze will hit the world and get everyone excited. Goal setting seems to be one of those crazes.  You even see famous people advising others to set goals like it’s the only way to be productive.  Not true.  Not true at all.  Don’t get me wrong it all sounds exciting.  It even makes sense.  “Write it down and it will be on your mind.”  But everyone’s different.  In coaching many people we have found that goal setting and writing them down works for some.  For others it becomes a center of anxiety and depression.  Also, goal setting can tend to keep people in a box.  So lets examine a couple of examples:

1. The glass half empty people:

These people set goals and meet 80% of the ones they write down.  Still, they only seem to obsess over the missed 20%.  They focus on goals not achieve rather than celebrate the ones achieved.  After a while they tend to give up on goals all together because of their failure to see the successes. These people should not be goal setting.

2. The glass half full people

These people set goals and meet 20% of the ones they write down.  Still, they seem to forget the 80% they missed.  They only focus on goals achieved.  In turn, they begin a trend of only setting tiny goals and wind up going nowhere. These people should not be goal setting.

3. The “I’m the shit” goal setter

These are the people that set crazy goals.  “I know I’m poor today but I’m going to own my own jet next week…”   These people get easily depressed because they only set HUGE goals and tend to put crazy timeframes on unachievable ones.  They always fail because it’s just too crazy. These people tend to quit dreaming altogether.  It’s depressing.  These people should not be goal setting.

4. The "in the box" people

These people set good realistic goals but only stick to the goals written down on paper.  These people are stuck in a box.  It is hard to make huge gains when you’re confined in a box.  These people should not be goal setting.

As you can see goal setting can be a negative concept geared toward trying to keep control of everything in your life.  At Di-Cypher we have set up a new way of achieving your dreams without using the cheesy “goal” oriented mentality.


The Answer: DREAM

Dream often.  Dream big.  See, dreams are things that you want to achieve one day.  It’s something you should think about often.  Aim for the stars.  Ponder the possibilities.  Work daily to further reach those dreams.  That is 100% better then goal setting.  Dreams force you to aim high and even if you fall way short of your dream you will still accomplish a lot more than if you never set crazy bold dreams in the first place.  We mentally place "dreams" on another level then "goals."  If we set goals and don't achieve them then we are losers.  If we have big dreams and don't achieve them at least we land in a happier place.  And, not to mention, what if you dream big and actually hit! You'll be looking at the goal setting sucker like, "Yeah, good luck with that pen and paper. I'm getting on my jet and flying to Boca. Peace..."


So stop set goals today rather have dreams; huge dreams; shoot for stars today!