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Di-Cypher's provides a new level of sports representation in professional sports. We are raising the bar and changing the game in order to truly take care of athletes. We are leading the industry in mixed martial arts management consulting.

We offer MMA clients three options. We can provide the a full range of services, including lucrative fighting opportunities, sponsorships, career guidance and much more …everything you need taken care of while training for your next fight.  And not only do we provide next-level, comprehensive representation "management" and support, but we also allow you any fighter the ability to just be an agent (a contract reviewer and negotiator)- meaning that fighter gets to keep more money than any other "manager" out there allows, all while offering 1:1 Mental & Life Coaching to keep you primed for success! At Di-Cypher, our policy states that “our fighters have the options that allow them to be the nest fighter they can be”.

We can provide a comprehensive marketing approach to build each fighter’s brand to match their personality and provide them with the best opportunities during and after their fight careers.

We understand that each fighter has individual needs and we use our piece meal model to allow the fighter maximum opportunity to keep the hard earned money that they have earned.

Here are our models for MMA Representation:

1. Full Comprehensive Managment- meaning we will do everything for and with you. Figure out sponsorships, contract negotiations, life coaching, PR, Media, Help you shape your career, be your advisors in everything, help with banner and shorts if needed and more! When we say everything we mean everything- Being your Agent, Your PR Expert, Your Media Relations Expert, Your EVERYTHING! (At 10% of Purse, Bonuses, and Sponsorships)

2. Being Your Agent- meaning we will will bring expert negotiators in to review, negotiate, and execute contracts for you as well as facilitating communication between you and the organization- we will be the bad guy for you. (at 5% of Purse and 10% of Sponsorships we purse and/or negotiate for you; 0% for what you earn yourself)

3. Being Your Sponsorship & Booking Agent- meaning we will try to locate sponsorships and book you for events; as well as, intercept any injuries for sponsorship and bookings and negotiate/facilitate the sponsorship. (at 10% of Sponsorships or Events we purse and/or negotiate for you; 0% for what you earn yourself)

Below Will Be What Service Comes With Which Model

Contract Negotiation 


Di-Cypher provides an extensive expertise in fighter negotiations. We will work endlessly to ensure our client’s contract reflects their ability and value within any organization. Being a industry leader in MMA, Di-Cypher uses existing relationships with over 45 fight promotions throughout the world, including UFC, Bellator, WSOF, Titan FC, RFA, etc.

(Model 1&2)


Lifestyle Management


Di-Cypher works tirelessly to help provide quality lifestyle services specifically based on each individual fighters requirements; including:

  • 1on 1 Mental Coaching
  • Life Coaching 
  • Long Term Career Services 
  • Image Consulting



(Model 1)

Sports Marketing


Di-Cypher provides a exclusive marketing plan for each client. Our team of marketing professionals analyze everything a fighter needs to maximize their income. We aggressively pursue marketing opportunities for each clients through:

  • Public Relations (Model 1)
  • Brand Building and Management (Model 1)
  • Develop Brand Positioning Analysis (Model 1)
  • Marketing Platform Development (Model 1)
  • Local, National and International media campaigns (Model 1)
  • Prospecting of Strategic Targets (Model 1)
  • ROI/ROO measurement against objectives.(Model 1)
  • Sponsorship Procurement (Model 1&3)
  • Manage Relationships At The Highest Levels To Maximize Partnership Marketing.(Model 1&3)
  • Seminar and Speaking Appearances (Model 1&3)



Fighters Managing Themselves


And for athletes that mange or represent themselves: Di-Cypher teaming up with Legends of the Cage is your answer. We have all of the services you need to help you succeed in your own representation.  For those athletes we provide individualize services in:

  • Contract Review
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Social Media
  • Website Building and Consulting
  • Public Relations Advice
  • Speaking Engagements 
  • Business Development 


(Model 2, and 3)

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