I failed as a negotiator. An element of wanting to be liked influenced my decision to close the deal without a real fight - Jennifer Lawrence

Having an advisor is not just for "Business people" or "Rich People".  Many advisers will only speak to people that are rich.  Not at Di-Cypher.  Here, we help EVERY ONE.  We take advising down to an hourly rate to fit your needs.  Turn knowledge into action today.  Our consulting services provide a completely objective strategic analysis and advise businesses or individuals in need. 

Good negotiating practice impacts almost every facet of business: management, sales, marketing, development, finance, procurement, manufacturing, legal, logistics, service, administration, engineering etc…. Everyone can benefit from understanding and utilizing stronger negotiation skills. There is a lot that goes into negotiation prep and execution.  Many times a "good deal" hinges on preparation alone.  Then, even if you've prepared fully you have to execute.  Being "tough" after the opposing party has introduced themselves and made you feel like a friend can be extremely hard. Turning on a dime and having to play hard ball is tough.  Opposing parties know that.  That's why they make it a mission to be your friend before stepping into a negotiation.  So, what if you could take that awkwardness out of the equation.  


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At Di-Cypher our experts will fully prepare your next negotiation and provide you with all of the information you need to succeed.  You control our involvement.  If all you want is prep for the negotiation then that's what we'll provide you.  If you want us to enter the equation and pick up with a full on negotiation then we can do that also.  Everything here can be done hourly.  And after the deal is done, we can review the contracts and advise you further.  We work for you fully.

We have helped individuals and businesses in:

  • In Mediations (Workers Comp. etc.)
  • Contract Evaluation
  •  Salary Negotiation
  • Politicians in International Conflict Negotiations
  • Celebrity Contracts
  • MMA Fighters Contract
  • Boxing Contracts (For fighters and for promotions)
  • Car Sales Negotiations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions 
  • Real Estate Negotiations


Having successfully negotiated many deals in every facet of business, Di-Cypher's team is uniquely qualified to serve either as your partner and mentor in the negotiating process or can help train your team to negotiate better outcomes for a wide variety of goals and situations.

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