Some Testimonials

Di-Cypher helped us negotiate some really big deals. Contacting Di-Cypher has helped take a huge weight off of my shoulders when it comes to negotiations.
— Jennifer Lawrence (& her team)

Di-Cypher is the go to go to help consult any athlete on building a brand. As a fighter, we are all businesses. Di-Cypher took a hands on approach to making sure I optimize not only my brand but my career. Thank you Di-Cypher!
— Bellator Fighter Bubba Jenkins

Having someone assist you in negotiations can help you maintain relationships without muddying the waters or having the fear of being disliked by people that hold your fate in their hands. The money spent on consulting fees with Di-Cypher manifested in more money in our pockets.
— Kit Harington (& his team)

It was great working with Daniel A. Martinez and the team at Di-Cypher. He graduated from the University of Tennessee Law School and worked for UT Athletics, that is what sold us on hiring them to consult from business to PR and it has definitely paid off.
— Payton Manning (& his team)

Di-Cypher has literally saved my career. They have helped me realize that I am a brand. Exactly as their website says- they helped develop my brand and optimize profits in all facets of life. Amazing company.
— UFC Fighter Brian Caraway

From PR to Negotiations to advice to coaching for your kid, Daniel A. Martinez and the team at Di-Cypher will help change your career. Add them to you current team and you will not regret it.
— Will Smith

Added them to the team and never regretted it. As an athlete you need a team of people you can trust. Add Di-Cypher to your team.
— Odell Beckham (& his team)

I can’t say enough great things about Di-Cypher. I have utilized all of that they have to offer. From Consulting to coaching to negotiation help to sponsorship acquisitions. They pull through for me every time. An amazing company that EVERYONE needs!
— UFC Fighter Mitch Clarke